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Welcome to Eden, a business application that will give you the ability to manage your entire business from the palm of your hands. This includes managing your sales, billing your customers, keeping your books, collecting inventory from suppliers and delivering products to your customers. It also includes post sales support for your customers, launching and managing sales channels and working with your virtual assistant. Furthermore, you will have access to thousands of the best online business courses from the best universities in the world. But ultimately, you can sell your goods and services in the global marketplace that is accessed by thousands of customers.

Affordable for every SME

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mySales Dashboard
R 199/pm

Inventory Management
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myBilling Dashboard
R 49/pm

Customer billing
Customer Base Management
Posting debits and credit
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myLori Dashboard
R 49/pm

Collect stock from suppliers
Deliver products to customers
Tracking Module
Customer notifications
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myCustomer Support
R 49/pm

Bot support
Digital support desk
Live Chat
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myBusiness Academy
R 49/pm

Free Business Courses
Paid For Business Courses
On-Demand Videos
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myChannels Dashboard
R 49/pm

Activation Agents
Social Media Integration
Marketing on the go
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myVirtual Assistant
R 49/pm

Live Chat
Remote Support
24 Hours
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myMarket Place  

Sell Items
Buy Items
Auction Items
Secure Payment
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myMarket Intelligence
R 49/pm

Market analysis
Market trends
Competitor analysis
Customer data